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  • Osmidrosis


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Osmidrosis is a Greek word meaning
sweat with unpleasant odor.

Our body is covered by two types of sweat glands;
eccrine and apocrine. The sweat from
eccrine gland is colorlessness and odorless, but sweat
from the apocrine gland has bad odor
caused by fatty acid and ammonia decomposed
by inhabited bacteria on skin.
In other words, the reason of
osmidrosis is the development of apocrine gland.

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Osmidrosis is more common
in male and obese persons
than female and persons
with underweight.

It begins to appear from puberty
and becomes more severe, especially
in the summer due to heavy sweat produce.For woman,
odor is common before and after menstrual cycles,
and it disappears after menopause.

Surgical Method of Osmidrosis surgery

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■ Ultrasound Aspiration

After incision on armpit for 5mm, insert ultrasound device
into subcutaneous tissue
and aspirate apocrine swear gland
하including surrounding adipose tissues.

1. The blood vessel and nerve around armpit
are preserved by using ultrasound device.

2. Complications such as
hematoma and loss of sense are less
common than existing methods.

3. Compressive bandage can be worn
for only 1-2 days that you may go back
to daily life without hospitalization.


Approximately 1 hour


Local Anesthesia

Stitch Removal

7 days after surgery

Recovery period

Wear compressive bandage for 2 days after surgery. You may take a shower after stitch removal.

* Recovery period may vary depending on the individual's condition.

Self- Diagnosis of Osmidrosis

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■ People sometimes complain about
my odor from armpits.

If odor can be sensed by not only you but also others,
treatment is needed.

■ The armpit part on the bright color clothes
are stained yellowish.

If especially the armpit part is stained yellowish,
there is high possibility of osmidrosis.

■ The ear wax is not dry.

Person with osmidrosis has more than 70%
of chance of having wet type of ear wax.

■ There is someone who has severe osmidrosis
among family members.

If there is another family member with osmidrosis,
it could be from hereditary factor. 

Osmidrosis VS Hyperhidrosis

액취증 VS 다한증 비교
VS Osmidrosis Hyperhidrosis

Secretary sweat gland

Apocrin sweat gland Accrine sweat gland
Location of sweat gland Under dermis Inside or under dermis
Color of sweat Light yellow Colorless
Degree of odor Unique sour odor Fishy odor