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■ What is a Clitoroplasty?

Usually, clitoris is part of the male penis.
Its size is small but can feel strong sexual
arousal and is surrounded by the foreskin.
If the foreskin of penis is oversized,
it disturbs sexual stimulus which leads to decrease
in sexual arousal, and it can also cause secretion which causes
its smell or itch. In this case, procedure resects the foreskin
of clitoris or pulls it upward and make clitoris
to function better and maintain it in a hygienic condition.

■ Cases Requiring Clitoroplasty

- Over-covered clitoris
- Low sexual pleasure or signs of frigidity
- Frequent secretion collected around and smell from clitoris
- Deformity of clitoris, causing patient’s desire for cosmetic effect

■ Ideal Shape of Clitoris

음핵의 사진

Clitoris is usually covered by the foreskin;
however, when there’s sexual arousal,
it is projected from the foreskin.

If the foreskin is deformed too much or is over-sized,
it results in decreasing sexual stimulus and brings
psychological concern in physical appearance. Therefore,
this procedure provides patients improvements
in both functionality and beauty.

■ Methods of Clitoroplasty

This procedure resects the foreskin organization
which surrounds the clitoris and pulls
the entire organization upwards. Professional
doctors must carry on this procedure based on enough
consultation time and diagnosis since the condition
of clitoris and its foreskin organization are
in different concern and conditions.

■ Effects of the Clitoroplasty

Remedy for frigidity

in Sexual Pleasure


Sanitary effects

수술 정보

20~30 minutes


Local Anesthesia and IV

Stitch Removal

No stitch removal
(1~ 2 times of after-care treatments at BK is recommended)

Recovery Period

Daily activities resumable right after