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Labia Minora Cosmetic Surgery

■ What is Labia Minora Cosmetic Surgery?

This procedure is for the patients who have innate problem
in their labia minora or have acquired deformation of the shape.
After the surgery, improvement of function as well as
the purpose of female beauty is guaranteed.

■ Cases Requiring Labia Minora Cosmetic Surgery

- Oversized or asymmetric Labia minora
- Labia minora that covers urethra and causes pain during urination
- Labia minora causing discomfort when he/she wears clothes
- Labia minora in unhygienic conditions or that causes inflammation
- Labia minora that covers the entrance of the entire vagina to cause illness
- Labia minora that reveals dark color and shapes uneven

■ Ideal Shape of Labia Minora

Both size and shape have to be symmetric
and should not be revealed because of labia majora,
covering labia minora. If labia minora is oversized
or its external skin seems too flabby,
and it looks asymmetric, it causes a big cosmetic concern
in women as well as sanitary or fuctioning problem. Therefore,
procedure for its reconstruction is recommended
in order to prevent such issues.

소음순의 사진

소음순의 사진

■ Methods of Labia Minora Cosmetic Surgery

소음순수술 방법 사진

01. Shape, symmetry, the thickness
and size of labia minora

is designed, and then
the external and internal side are cut.

소음순수술 방법 사진

02. If labia minora is cut off at once,
the side being cut may become uneven
or unnaturally thick; therefore, making it seem smooth
and natural is essential.

소음순수술 방법 사진

03. Lastly, procedure controls labia minora’s
thickness and size

in a very detailed way and carefully round it off.

■ Effects of the Labia Minora Cosmetic Surgery

External appearance

Functional Treatment

Regain self

Female disorder

수술 정보

30~40 minutes


Local Anesthesia or IV

Stitch Removal

Stitches are removed after 5~7 days of the operation date

Recovery Period

Daily activities resumable starting from the day after operation date