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■ What is a Vaginoplasty?

Vaginoplasty is a reconstructive plastic surgery
for the vaginal canal and its mucous membrane,
and of vulvo-vaginal structures that might be absent
or damaged due to birth, aging or obesity. After this surgery,
patients can have increasing sexual excitement as well as self-confidence back.

■ Cases Requiring Vaginoplasty

- Loose vagina by external causes like maternity, aging and obesity
- Diminished sexual arousal due to vaginal relaxation
- Low self-confidence during sexual intercourse
- Wind-blow-sounds from vagina during intercourse

■ Ideal Shape of Vagina

Vagina seems to be H-shape when it is closed.
The entrance part of vagina should be smoothly opened when insertion begins,
and its inner membrane has to be flexible enough.
The axis of vagina should be placed in a correct position.

■ Type of Vaginoplasty

- Vagina reduction surgery:
By tightening up the relaxed entrance
of vagina and inner muscles of it,
this procedure results in increased elasticity.

질성형수술 사진

질성형수술 사진

- Axis of vagina correction procedure:
This procedure corrects the flat-shape
of the axis and makes it to be a banana-shape
which causes higher level of sexual arousal.

- Vaginal mucous membrane cosmetic surgery:
This procedure shapes spurs and wrinkles
around the area of vaginal mucous membrane.

- Vaginal mucous membrane PRP procedure:
Through the PRP injections to the membrane,
membrane formation is boosted and eventually
result in a healthier condition. This procedure
is especially good for curing colpoxerosis.

■ Effects of the Vaginoplasty

of Vagina UP

confidence UP

Pleasure UP

Female disorder
prevention UP

수술 정보

Maximum 1 hour


Local Anesthesia or IV

Stitch Removal

No stitch removal but 3 to 4 times of treatments required at BK

Recovery Period

Daily activities starting from the day after operation date