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What is Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

HHyperbaric Oxygen Therapy is a treatment method
to provide oxygen through one’s blood vessel,
using High Pressure Oxygen Tank to treat those
with disease, senility, fatigue or stress.
Oxygen Therapy can shorten the recovery period
by enhancing the amount of oxygen supply to one’s plasma,
allowing better delivery of oxygen to tissues.
This can be effective in reduction of swelling;
patients can soon recover and resume their daily
activity after cosmetic surgeries.


Efficacy of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

- Insulin Resistance Syndrome (Adult disease,
Diabetes, Arteriosclerotic Gangrene, Hyperlipidemia,
Hypertension and Vascular insufficiency)
- Chronic fatigue, Fatty Liver, Hepatocirrhosis,
Chronic Hepatitis
- Anti-Aging (Rejuvenation)
- Enhancement of Metabolism and Brain function
as well as developmental disability
- Development of Brain function;
Aftereffect of Stroke treatments
- Effective for examinees and office workers
- Skin Care (to maintain skin elasticity)
- Treatment of Wound & Fast Recovery
after Cosmetic Surgeries
- Radical Reform of Hypoxia due to Lung Diseases

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Procedures

- Inhale high concentration oxygen in
a High Pressure OxygenSystem under
indicated time and air pressure.
- In case of carbon monoxide poisoning,
inhale high intensity oxygen about 2.5~3
atmosphere for 30-60 minutes.
- Repetitive treatments may be required.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy is effective for…

- Quick recovery after a Cosmetic surgery or Hair Transplant
- Improvement of Brain functioning, Concentration, Memory
as well as Migraine
- Enhancement of Metabolism and Digestive functions
- Skin Care / Weight Loss

Instructions and Aftercare

Better outcome can be achieved in better
Compliance with Precautions and Guidelines.

- You are not to hold your breath during the procedure
- Consultation is necessary if you have medical history
such as an inflammation in the middle ear.
- Inform the medical staff if you have claustrophobia.
- Carrying unnecessary items such as lighters and keys is prohibited.
- Smoking is not allowed for two hours before/after treatment.
- Wearing a gown made with pure cotton is essential.
-Use of oil product (Petrolatum, etc) is prohibited.
-Accessories(earrings, necklaces, bracelets, etc.) should be taken off.

Therapy Information

Duration Information
Operation time

30 minutes

Stitch removal




Recovery time





none (There is a possibility of discomfort in one's ears due to high pressure)

* Recovery period varies on individual basis.