Skin Treatment

  • Bone Marrow Stem Cell Injection

Bone Marrow Stem Cell Injection

This injection involves harvesting stem cells from bone marrow in the hip bone and sending them to a lab to be cultivated for 4 weeks so they can be intravenously injected into the body to create a more youthful appearance.

BK Plastic Surgery Hospital was the first in the world to develop stem cell therapy, in cooperation with Pharmicell, allowing us to perform qualified and effective stem cell treatment.

The effects of the cutting edge Stem Cell therapy are unmatched. This procedure is personally matched to each patient through the extraction of one’s stem cells which are then cultivated using advanced stem cell technology.


Process of Harvesting Stem Cells

Extract stem cells from bone marrow > Cultivate for 4 weeks > After 4 weeks, inject cultivated stem cells into patient.

After 4 Weeks

The procedure is performed through an intravenous injection. Afterwards the patient may rest in one of our recovery rooms, and leave the hospital on the same day.


The Effects of Stem Cell Injection

Through stem cells, the regeneration of the skin is increased.

You will appear younger through the regeneration and proliferation of the stem cells.

Overall body functions will improve.


Pharmicell is a cutting edge bio company using stem cells. They were the first in the world to develop the stem cell therapy in July. 2011. We are competitive worldwide through various registered patents in 7 countries, including the US and the EU, regarding stem cell therapy that allow us to expand our intellectual property globally.


Harvesting of
Bone Marrow

30 minutes


Local Anesthesia

Stem Cell

4 weeks after harvesting of bone marrow, through intravenous injection