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Injection Therapy


What is Injection Therapy?

Injection Therapy is a treatment that
removes active oxygen and revives the cell
to nourish and restore energy
with customized injection for each individual’s condition
worn out by chronic fatigue, stress, and malnourishment.

Multiple effects like recovery of immunity, fatigue,
detoxification, prevention of aging, skin whitening,

elasticity improvement, diet with antioxidation activity that removes active oxygen. ,
There are various types of injection
such as injection of vitamin, placenta, fursultiamine,
alpha lipoic acid(Cinderella Injection), glutathione, etc.
The result is best when the injection types are selected with careful
consideration of the individual’s symptom and condition.


The Effects of Injection Therapy

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Types of Injection Therapy

- Vitamin Injection

- This injection of the new trend has high concentration
nutrients that shows speedy recovery of fatigue
and high level of antioxidant effect by activating
liver function and cell regeneration with mixture of
active vitamin B and thioctic acid.

- Placenta Injection

- Placenta is a part that connects the pregnant mother
and the fetusand functions as the protection of the fetus.
Not only that but it also serves provides essential
nourishments and discharges body wastes.
It has mineral, amino acid, vitamins, nucleic acid,
and include other highly-concentrated nutrients that shows
various beneficial effects on physical condition.

- Cinderella Injection (Alpha Lipoic Acid)

- Cinderella Injection is a treatment that gets rid of active
oxygen in the body by injecting α- lipo acid(Alpha Lipoic Acid),
which tends to decrease as the body ages.
Active oxygen is the main factor of skin aging, accumulation
of body fat and fatigue increase. There are limits to intakes
of α- lipo acid(Alpha Lipoic Acid) through sources of food,
which is why Cinderella Injection is a great way to
induce antioxidation activity.

- Skin Whitening injection (Glutathione)

- Skin Whitening Injection prevents activation of tyrosinase
which generates melanin cells, with the intensive antioxidation
effect. The injection can be given on selective areas
with no need for unnecessary damage and shows highly
satisfying result in skin whitening,
improvement of wrinkles, etc.


Patients for Injection Therapy

- People who suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome
- People who’s body function has weakened
- People who are going through intense mental stress
- People who need to detoxify from smoking and drinking
- People who have skin troubles from malnourishment
- People who wish to improve their skin regeneration and whiten the skin tone