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Spot/Liver Spot


What is a Spot(Nevus)?

Spot is a small and irregular color
or shape that appears on the skin.

Usually, various skin disease symptoms like freckles, blemish, age spot and other blackish areas are mistaken for spots. Medically speaking, a spot(nevus) is a black dot consisting of nevus cells on skin, due to congenital factor. Some may be born with it and others may get it after birth at a certain period of time and the sizes may grow in size as well. If the spot grows in size, it is safe to remove it. If is left untreated, there are risks of skin cancer occurrence within 3~30% of the scope.


Why does the spot appear?

A spot is formed when melanin cells or nevus cells
grow on the outer layer of skin, and these are called Junctional Nevus.

As time passes, gradually increased cells move to inner layer of the skin and becomes compound nevus or demal melanocytic nevus. The reason beyond this cell proliferation is remains unclear but is considered as influence of genetics or environmental factors like frequent exposure to the sun.


Types of Spot

- General spot

-Usually, the spot is removed with laser
that does not damage any surrounding tissue.

- Small spot

-Spots with no deep roots can be removed using carbon-dioxide laser.

- Protruding spot

-The protrusion is shaved off with a laser that can elaborately carve the skin.

- Inborn spot, Blue spot, Deep spot

-The skin surface is smoothed out with the carbon-dioxide laser
and the remaining pigment cells are removed using Q-switch laser .


What is a Liver Spot(Age spot)?

Liver spot which harms skin aesthetically and shows aging like a scar that shows past time is a kind of cutaneous neoplasm that shows up on epidermis.

It first appears on face but spreads out to hand, feet, and back. Liver spot is a symptom of aging, not a sign of health problem. However, skin cancer can appear in the form of liver spot, so it is best to check it out when there is a sign. The treatment method and treatment duration varies depending on where the spots appear(face, arm, leg, etc) and the thickness of the liver spot. Medications, chemical peeling and Cryotherapy was used for treatment before but recently laser therapy is commonly used to destroy black pigment only.


What is the reason Liver Spot appears?

Liver spot is a symptom that appears when melanic pigment is overproduced and the reason for that is seen as decline of skin recuperative power and defensive power
by skin aging, exposure to the sun, UV exposure from sun tanning and other factors.
Although the main factor is still unclear, the symptom usually gets worse by genetic and environmental factors.


BK’s treatment for Spot/Liver Spot

The previous treatment for spot or liver spot involved shaving the skin in the name of safe skin treatment. But with this kind of treatment, the risk of recurrence was high. To properly treat the spot, the root of pigmentation has to be removed. BK’s treatment for spots and liver spot not only removes the pigmented skin tissue but removes the entire pigmentation root using different kinds of laser. It only removes pigmentation selectively, so there are no scars with minimal damage to the surrounding tissues.

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BK’s laser equipment for Spot/Liver Spot

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Carbon-dioxide Laser

With the diameter of the laser beam being minuscule,
the treatment can be given on even the smallest area.
It is used for treating spot, liver spot, syriongoma, milium, corn,
fine facial wrinkles, acne scars, stretch mark, and wart.

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Nd:YAG Laser

By getting rid of the pigmentation
selectively, skin damage is minimal.

Q-switch type of Nd:YAG Laser, which is Nd:YAG laser with Q-switch attachement lets
out high level of energy in a very short time(about nano-second),
so there are almost no scars and has minimal damage to the skin.

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IPL can irradiate various wavelength at once so it can treat
totally separate illness such as hemotelangiosis,
pigmentation, enlarged pores and other symptoms.
(As for Laser treatment, different machines are needed for each illness
and partial damage to the epidermis is inevitable.)


Patients for Spot/Liver Spot Treatment

- People who have too much spots on their face
- People who want to remove the spot quickly and efficiently to have clear skin
- People who wish to resume to their daily activity after spot/lever spot removal
-People who wish to remove their spot safely without getting a scar
- People who want to remove liver spot from skin aging