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Shining Aqua Injection

BK Plastic Surgery Hospital’s Shining Aqua Injection
maximizes the link between the skin and the hyaluronan,
drawing out moisture leaving the skin feeling more
moisturized with more elasticity. Because it is injected
directly into the dermal layer of the skin, the skin will be
moist and fine lines will be improved leaving your skin
looking healthy and beautiful.

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Characteristics of BK’s Shining Aqua Injection

Like botox or any other fillers, it requires no recovery period.

The components of hyaluronan that is used is identical
to that of skin meaning there are no inflammation,
allergic reaction or other side effects. Fine lines, moisture and
elasticity can all be improved at once.


Objective of BK’s Shining Aqua Injection
Shining Aqua Injection is recommended for people who :

- Have little elasticity in the skin and have fine lines
- Suffer from dry skin when the season changes
- Have thin skin with little fat on the face
- Have rough, uneven and dry skin after any laser procedure
- have tight dry skin after face wash
- Are concerned about dark circles or the wrinkles on their neck and hands.


Effects of BK’s Shining Aqua Injection

BK’s Shining Aqua Injection helps with the moisture
of the skin and cell renewal by directly injecting hyaluronan
into the upper and middle dermal layers to prevent the
loss of, and maintain the moisture in the skin, improve cell function
and revitalize the skin to provide more moisture and elasticity.

Improved Skin Elasticity & Anti-Aging Moisture
- Improve Dark Skin tone
- Improve Skin Textures
- Reduce Pore Size
- Relax Fine Lines
- Improve Skin Elasticity
- Prevent Aging of Skin
- Reduce tightness of skin after face wash
- Exfoliate Dead Skin Cells
- Reduce Dryness of Skin Throughout the Year


Process of BK’s Shining Aqua Injection Procedure

1. Consultation with the Doctor

2. Cleansing

3. Apply Anesthetic Cream

4. Shining Aqua Injection

5. Relaxation of Skin


Injection Sites and Information
■ Injection Sites

- Entire Face, Back of Hand

■ Operation Information
수술 정보

10-20 minutes for each area


2 weeks after the injection

Daily Activities

You may wash your face or apply make-up after procedure

* Recovery period varies on an individual basis.


Cautionary Tips

-Do not excessively rub the sites of injection.
(Glasses should not be worn for 2 weeks if the
injection is performed on the nose.)
-Makeup can be applied lightly from the next day.
For 2-3 days after the surgery, drinking, smoking,
and saunas should be avoided.
-Immediately following the procedure, red swollen areas
shouldn’t be exposed to sunlight or extreme cold.
-Because the injection is performed
on the entire face, the skin may temporarily feel bumpy
for 3-4 days after the surgery.
-Following the procedure, bleeding, hematomas, bruising,
infection, inflammation, facial asymmetry
and unevenness in the skin may occur.