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Facial Contouring Injection

■ What is Facial Contouring Injection?

Facial Contouring Injection is a surgical proceduree
for lipolysis on your fac by using a harmless and naturale
drug composition.

This is rather a simple surgical procedure of injection that does not need bone resection and it can reduce the decent amount of fat on your face so that your face looks slimmer and smaller.
You can have youthful and elastic skin as Facial Contouring Injection has an effect of excreting unnecessary component from the body and expediting of lymph circulation as well as lipolysis.

■ Features of Facial Contouring Injection

- Completion of natural V-line by getting rid of fat cells
- Use of genuine product made from natural composition
approved by Korean Food and Drugs Administration (KFDA)
- All of them who want V-line within only 10minutes are possible
- Rapid procedure effective within one week

The Injection Sites

The Injection Sites Fat around Zygoma , Cheek fat , The side line on the Jaw , Double Chin

■ Procedural target of Facial Contouring Injection

- People concerned with double chin
- People concerned with asymmetric face
- People concerned with droopy skin due to
skin lacking elasticity
- People who wants V-line through non-surgical procedure
- People concerned with a big and fatty face
- People who did not find botox effective with the
fat on the cheek and jaw