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■ What is Filer?

Filler is a substance that adds volume into
the sunken areas on your face.
A substance is similar to the ingredient of a skin or can be safe even under the skin. In order to correct wrinkle, dent on the cheek, flat nose, thin lip, face contouring, a substance called ‘Filler’ is injected into your skin or a layer of fat under your skin without making incision on your face. Many people these days prefer this surgical procedure since it is the simple procedure without using a knife, which means people who don’t have enough time and feel any repulsion against the surgery can have the procedure done within a short period of time.

■ Features of Filer Injection at BK

- Using the product with a 100% safety record about
a fixed quantity of genuine product
- Rapid procedure time! Return to daily life!
- No pain, bleeding, and swelling
- Completion of young image with natural volume
Naturalness like your real skin - Surgical procedure from experienced doctors for over
10 years 1:1 customized service with technological
know-hows - No feeling of irritation

Major operating sites

Major operating sites



People who want to have nice
and thick forehead
People who have deep wrinkle on
the face


Love band under
your lower eyelid

People who wants to be young
than real age People who wants
to smile brightly in spite
of smiling lightly


Crow/glabella wrinkle

People who seem to look
differently due to wrinkle
of crow and glabella



People who have a flat, deviated,
hooked, or small nose compared
to their facial contour
Nose without volume


Cheek/Nasolabiel wrinkle

People who have dent and deep
wrinkles on the nasolabial folds
People who have dent wrinkle
around zygoma



People who have the different size of
upper and lower lip
People who have thin lip and it makes
somewhat cynical image
People who have blurred lip line


Short chin

People who have the small tip of jaw
compared to both sides
People who have receding looking
chin from the profile

■ Targeted individuals

- People who want to achieve natural volume face
- People who want to have youthful image as they seem to
be older than their age
- People who want to improve their complex
with short and the simple procedure
- People who want to improve the image naturally without undergoing the surgery

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