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■ What is Botox?

Botox is a refined product of botullinum toxin
A and nerve toxin that leads to muscle paralysis.
If we give you an injection into your muscle after refining toxin A,
it has an effect of getting rid of wrinkle by stopping the flow of neurotransmitter and paralyzing muscle. Early in the day, it is used to cure medical problems of muscle tension as there mainly used to have eyelid problems, but it has been widely used for aesthetic purpose such as wrinkle treatment as it was approved of getting rid of wrinkle.

■ Features of botox

- Using the product with a 100% safety record about
a fixed quantitative genuine product
- No pain, bleeding, and swelling
- Surgical procedure from experienced doctors for over 10 years
- Rapid procedure time! Return to daily life!

Major operating sites

Major operating sites


Forehead wrinkle

Forehead wrinkle can be made due to the
contraction of your muscle procerus and
corrugator supercilii when drawing your
brows together, this wrinkle will disappear
as we give a small quantity of botox because
muscle becomes weak and paralyzed.


Glabella wrinkle

It is usually made like the shape of ‘川’
when you frown, but it can go away
easily. If we get an injection into this
part, your droopy eyebrows will be
upturned a little and it is also good
to revise the habit of frowning.


The thick wrinkle the corner of crow
/ The wrinkle of the lower eyelid

It has an effect of smoothing out the
creases made one upon another like
crow’s feet around your eyes.


Square jaw V-line

In case of muscular square jaw, your face
will look slimmer and smaller as it can reduce
the amount of muscle effectively.



It makes your calf slimmer by
reducing the amount of calf muscle
to develop biceps.

■ Procedural target

- People concerned with square-shaped face in spite
of not having face fat
- People concerned with a broad chin even after square
jaw surgery
- People who want to improve a complex through
short and simple surgical procedure
- People who want to improve wrinkles of face through
non-surgical therapy

■ Cautions after procedure

- No drinking alcohol and sauna for a week after the procedure.
- Do not rub or irritate your skin
(Face massage is NOT recommended).
- Be careful not to chew something hard as it may cause the muscle reoccurrence after Botox Injection on the squared jaw.
- Possibility of awkward facial muscle movement as your face gets stiff, but it will feel natural and better in 1-2weeks.
- Can have botox and filler injection at the same time in according to the depth, cause of wrinkle.

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