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Recovery Process of Fat Grafting

Day of Surgery

Ice packs are applied on the graft sites to prevent swelling. Graft sites are normally painless afterwards, but you may feel pain on the donor sites for which prescribed pain killers should be efficacious.

1 Day after Surgery

Skin surface may feel uneven due to slight swelling, but there is not much swelling on surgical site. You may wash your face lightly and avoid rubbing the grafted site for 3-4 weeks.

3 Day after Surgery

Bandages are removed from the donor sites(abdomen/thigh) that it is possible to take a shower.

1 Week after Surgery

Fine sutures are removed from the donor sites.

1 Month after Surgery

Additional fat grafting may be considered after the result has been observed. Procedures of additional fat grafting is identical without fat extraction.

Recovery Process of Fat Grafting


- Major swelling develops between 1-3 days, and subsides within 7-10 days.
(Make-ups are allowed during recovery period.)
- Subsidence of swelling after 2 weeks should not be mistaken for fat resorption.
(Temporary but noticeable facial asymmetry may develop during this period.)

Pain and Bruise

- Forehead fat grafting can cause swelling around the eyes,
and there may be some pain and bruising on the donor sites
(Degrees of pain and bruising varies upon individual basis.)


- Stitches are removed from the donor sites(mainly thigh) on the 7th day after the surgery.
Another follow-up visit is needed after 1-2 months to
observe the progress.(Bandages on thigh may be removed on the next day.)

Recovery Care

- Pressure or impacts on the graft sites must be avoided to prevent
any irregularities on the skin surface. Avoid wearing hats.
- Do not apply either ice or warm pack on face. You must avoid pressure.
- Smoking, drinking, facial massage, or hot bath should be avoided during the first month.
(Casual shower is allowed after 1 day of surgery but avoid going in a hot tub for 1 month after the surgery.)


- Small redness(1-2mm) on donor sites is an indication
of normal skin reaction from surgery which gradually disappears after 3-6 months.
(However, it may last up to 1 year depending on the individual)


- A person’s face is naturally asymmetrical to certain extent,
but it is possible for one to feel more sensitive about the asymmetry after operation.
Fat graft functions neither to correct nor to exaggerate the condition, unless that is the intent.

Side Effects

- Approximately 1% of those who receive fat graft experience infection.
It can usually be treated with antibiotics.
Otherwise, grafted fat may need to be removed.

Secondary Fat Grafting

- Successfully grafted fat forms new blood vessels and remain semi-permanently.
Fat cells that fail to obtain adequate blood supply are reabsorbed.
60-70% grafted fat completes this process within 2-3 months.
Secondary grafting may be performed to enhance the result if desired.