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Fat Tissue Storage System

Autologous fat transplantation
is a reliable procedure without the risk
of immune rejection. However,
secondary fat grafting is sometimes
necessary due to fat resorption.
For this occasion,
remaining fat tissues
and stem cells are stored
in a special tissue bank
in BK Clinic for later use.

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Fat tissue and stem cells that are contained
in a time capsule, are quick-frozen
in a nitrogen tank at the temperature of -196ºC.

지방조직 보관시스템 사진

Frozen tissues and stem cells
are stored safely in the tissue bank.

■ Additional procedure can be
easily performed with stored fat.

Extra fat that is stored in a conventional
tissue storage room has limited life
and safety, often resulting in another
procedure to harvest fresh fat for secondary
graft to be performed. BK Plastic Surgery
Hospital operates a special storage system
to prevent such circumstance and provide
safe fat grafting service.

■ Intact fat tissues and stem
cells promises a highly successful second procedure.

Fat tissues and stem cells
are instantly frozen in the nitrogen tank
to best preserve their functionality.
They are safe and retain the survivability
with the high engraftment rate.



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