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What is BK Stem Cell Graft?

Fat transfer procedures use your own fat
to restore volume and create
a more youthful appearance on the face,
breasts, buttocks, and other areas of the body.

What is Stem Cell?

Stem cells are recognized as a potential regenerative
tool that may be beneficial in a wide variety
of medical therapies in reconstructive surgery
and in a multitude of other medical disciplines.

Principle of stem cell application

  • Secretion of growth factors
  • Stimulation of angiogenesis
  • Induction of engraftment of adipocytes transplanted
  • Decreasing of re-uptake

Benefits from BK Stem Cell Graft

  • Engraftment rates UP ↑
  • Retention UP ↑
  • Natural appearance UP ↑
  • Side effects DOWN ↓
  • Foreign body sensation DOWN ↓
  • Using autologous fat

Conventional Fat Graft VS Stem Cell Graft

일반 지방이식, 줄기세포 지방이식 비교
VS Conventional Fat Graft Stem Cell Graft

Engraftment Rate

Low Excellent with angiogenesis capacity
Number of Treatments Minimum 3 times Maximum 2 times
Disciplines Transplanting only
autologous fat
autologous fat with ADSCs
Effects High-reuptake
Reducing of an engraftment rate
Stimulation of retention
Production of blood
vessel and collagen

How to receive BK Stem
Cell Graft properly?

It is important to be an active
participant in the process, so we’ve developed
the following list of questions
to ask about stem cell graft during your consultation.

- Does the clinic have safe/authorized equipment?

- Does the clinic have contamination prevention facility?

- Does the clinic use specialized skills for stem cell extraction?

- Can the clinic guarantee the condition
and the number of extracted stem cells?

- Does the clinic consist of well-experienced surgeons and medical team?

Why BK Stem Cell Graft?

BK extracts adipose stem cell with professional
techniques transferred by leading stem cell biotechnology.

BK checks quality including stem cell viability,
asepsis and the number of stem cell
in total cells isolated and releases a stem cell certification.

The procedure of is performed
by well experienced board certified plastic surgeons at BK.

Extra aspirated fat is stored
in 196ºC freezing container through a special programmed
cryopreservation to improve effects when the second session is required.

블로셔 연구실 줄기세포  추출 및 보관이미지

BK Plastic Surgery hospital manages
stem cells and autologous fat systematically and safe
by working with professional company which
specializes in stem cell treatments,
so high satisfaction can be reached after the procedure.

BK Stem Cell Graft Procedure Steps


Questions and Answers on BK Stem Cell Graft

Q: What is different between
conventional fat graft
and BK stem cell graft??

A: Autologous fat grafting or lipofilling,
in which an individuals’ own fat is harvested
to increase the volume of fat in another area
of their body, is being used in reconstructive surgery.
But despite the technique’s potential,
resorption rate(the percentage of the transferred
fat that does not survive) of up to 80% have been reported.
Recent studies have shown that fat grafts enriched with
culture-expanded adipose[fat]-derived stem cells(ADSCs)
can substantially improve graft survival.

Q: After fat graft, the volume often decreases.
With stem cell graft,
does it work as more effective
on maintaining volume?

A: Although it varies with individuals,
cell-enriched fat grafting yields durable
and long-lasting results for most patients.
The fat-derived stem and regenerative cells are believed
to allow the transplanting graft to survive by promoting
the creation and maintenance of new blood vessels.
During liposuction, the fat is cut off from
the blood supply that keeps it alive. Upon transplantation
into the desired area, new blood vessels need to form
in order for the transplanted graft to receive the oxygen
and other nutrients essential for survival resulting in 60-80% of viability.

Q: If the volume of the graft maintains
after BK Stem Cell Graft,
is getting the procedure once enough?

A: Resorption rates can vary with patients.
Moreover, additional procedures(secondary graft)
can help to increase the viability
of fat cell resulting in maintaining desired volume.

Q: Is it safe?

A: The procedures are minimally-invasive,
involving only minimal discomfort.
The recovery after transfer is minimal,
and most patients are able to return to work
and their normal routine the very next day.
Because the fat is derived from your own body,
there is no risk of allergic reaction,
as may be the case with other injectable fillers.

Q: What is the role of stem cells?

A: The stem cells stimulate
the tissue to make new blood vessels.
The new blood vessels supply oxygen
and nourishment to the implanted cells,
keeping the graft alive.

Q: Any possibility
of contamination during
the stem cell extracting process?

A: The process is carried out
in an aseptic condition, ensuring the prevention
of air contact which could cause contamination.
Also, contamination tests
are accompanied with the whole process

Q: Is it painful if stem cell
is extracted along with fat cells?

A: Fat is harvested only one
time as same as the conventional fat graft.
Part of harvested fat can be used as fat graft,
and the rest can be used as stem cell extraction.
Thus, patients won’t feel additional
or extra pain due to stem cell extraction.

Q: Is it necessary
to have secondary fat graft?

A: It varies with patients,
but it is best to get
it after 3-4 months from
the primary procedure due
to engraftment taking
three months to be completed.