Fat Grafting

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Minimum Damages to Fat Tissues,
Cutting-edge Pure Fat Extraction System


Minimal damage to extract fat tissues!
Maximum effects by direct grafting after the filtering process!

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Extraction of 100% pure fat tissues through
the automatic oil separation system!
High density filtration from impurities
(blood, fluids, anesthetics)!

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Multi-layer, Micro Fat Grafting

Fat grafting to miniscule units!

Injection into multiple layers
of skin reduces resorption and
increases survivability of grafted fat.

Customized Devices
to Reduce Pain & Scarring

Site-specific liposuction/fat graft
cannula minimizes pain during harvesting process,
and enables fat injections into desired
areas without leaving scars.

Safe Additional Graft! Extra Fat Tissues Frozen
and Stored in the Stem Cell Tissue Bank!

Should secondary graft be needed,
harvested fat tissues and stem cells are
stored safely
after being frozen in a liquid nitrogen tank at the temperature of -196Cº.

PLUS Stem Cell Enhancing Safety,
Survivability, Longevity

- Minimum resorption!
- Increased survival rate of grafted fat cells
with sufficient oxygen and nutrition stored safely!
- Skin-renewing effects!
- Long lasting results from actively regenerating fat cells!
- Lower chances of calcification!