Hair Transplant

BK성형외과 모발이식

  • Hairline Correction

Characteristics of BK Hairline

Forehead has a beauty curve too!
Correct your hairline to make your face look smaller!

Young women’s interest in hair amendment has grown
substantially during recent years. Hairline amendments for women
with the aesthetic purpose require
extra care, techniques and artistic sense.

BK Plastic Surgery Hospital understands every individual
has different facial features and personal demands.
BK Hairline is a service that provides customized hairline
amendments to satisfy each one of our customers.

Our BK hairline amendment not only organizes
your hairline but also makes your face smaller.

■ Natural Looks

Unlike simple hair transplant for male hair loss,
implantations are made with thickness and
direction of hair growth carefully considered.

  • 잔머리 이마 전


  • 잔머리 이마 후


Forehead shape-specific Hairline Amendments


M-shaped Forehead

Similar to a male’s M-shaped forehead, deep regressions
of the hairline towards the temporal sides of head
creates an M shape. It is often an inborn feature but 15%
of women’s M-shaped foreheads are caused by hair loss.
Cross patterned hair implants would turn one
into a rounder looking forehead.

  • M자형 이마 전


  • M자형 이마 후



Rectangular Forehead

A rectangle forehead looks larger due to eyebrow
tails being further away the hairline.
Implanting hair to fill sharper corners of forehead
may make the face look smaller.

  • 사각형 이마 전


  • 사각형 이마 후



Wide Forehead

Normally, a forehead looks best when it
composes approximately 1/3rd of the entire facial area.
Those with wide foreheads may end up with smaller
smaller looking faces by simply amending their hairlines

without further treatment.

  • 넓은 이마 전


  • 넓은 이마 후