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Differentiated BK’s Body Contouring

BK’s Body Contouring surgery analyzes each individual’s type of body.

BK Plastic Surgery Hospital Body Contouring Surgery Recommendation

Liposuction / Accusculpt / Hip Augmentation / Calf Reduction

Why? Why is BK known for Body Contouring?

Skills and techniques of body contouring professional medical experts for different surgery cases / Customized surgery plans considering each individual’s body type through accurate analysis and consultation / No concern for scar with minimal incision on invisible ‘Secret Zone’ / Fast return to daily life with minimal bruises and swelling

Why BK Liposuction is Special

Completes slim figure by removing unnecessary subcutaneous fat / Lifting effect from using ultrasonic sound waves / Short surgery time / Small scar with minimal incision / Almost no bruises or swellings / Fast return to daily lift

Liposuction is recommended to those cases below!

Cases of having body fat evenly on the body / Cases when exercise and diet do not help lose weight / Cases of wanting to remove fat on specific area of the body / Cases of wanting body contouring in a short time / Cases of severe skin-sagging after facial contouring or two-jaw surgery

Removing Fat through Simple Laser Treatment ACCUSCULPT

Accusculpt that improves fat removal and skin elasticity on body parts you want with no surgical procedure

Volume-up Hip, Longer Legs! Heart-shape Hip Up

What is Hip Augmentation (Heart-shape Hip Up)?

Calf Reduction recommended with Hip-up Surgery for maximized effect

What is Calf Reduction? Calf reduction is a non-incisional treatment that uses thin needle to block the gastrocnemius muscle with high frequency heat wave.

Differentiated BK’s Body Contouring

Lifting surgery needs professionalism! / Safety first! Safe Anesthesia system! / Physical Examination before Surgery

BK Safety System

BK Plastic Surgery values the patients’ safety as top priority and maintains strong credibility for its elaborate operation. We also provide the highest satisfactory results with each different surgical methods.

BK’s Latest Medical Emergency System

In-house Power System / CPR system / Dantrolene supplied



BK! Global competitiveness beyond South Korea

BK! Global competitiveness beyond South Korea