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Skinny Liposuction

Like a natural inborn S-line

Liposlim Removing deep layers of fat that have been stored for long time Ultra-Z Removing subcutaneous fat for smoother body shape

Double the Effects via Two Pieces of Equipment!

Using 2 pieces of equipment together enables to achieve maximum efficiency.



It removes deep layers of fat safely without pain.

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Lipo-slim utilizes vibrating sound-pressure cannula that sucks out imbalanced and deeply accumulated layers of fat in a short time. Sound pressure safely removes subcutaneous fat without damaging nearby blood vessels, nerves, and lymph ducts.



It evenly draws out fat to prevent irregularities on skin surface

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It dissolves fat cells with thin cannula, which emits ultrasound, then removes liquefied fat using sound pressure afterwards.
Ultrasonic irradiation encourages collagen production which adds elasticity to the skin.

Advantages of Liposuction

■ Point 1 A large amount of fat cells can selectively be broken down in a short time.

■ Point 2 There is no need to worry about swelling, bleeding, bruising, or pain involved, and the recovery period is short.

■ Point 3 Delicate fat removal process prevents any irregularities on skin surface.

■ Point 4 Minimal incision leaves little scars and IV sedation allows patients to quickly resume daily activities.

■ Point 5 Stimulated collagen production increases skin elasticity.


Liposuction Specialists

Being able to apply appropriate surgical methods that best suit each individual leads to successful results.


Safe Anesthesia

Constant Monitoring and Customized Anesthetic System by Anesthesiologists

Pre-Operative Health Examination for Safe Anesthesia

Emergency Generating System Prepared for Sudden Blackouts


Well-planned Post-surgery Care

Through systematic and thorough post-surgery care such as
dietary therapy, exercise prescription and use of equipment,
we minimize side-effects like sagging skin, loss of elasticity and yo-yo effect
and strive to provide the best surgery result.