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  • Calf Reduction

Calf Reduction


Non-incision Nerve Block

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It is non-surgical calf reduction which involves blocking the main nerves of
gastrocnemius(the outermost muscle of calf) by heating
heating them with a nerve navigating needle of ELECTROTHEMAL 20S.

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Advantages of Non-incision Nerve Block
  • 1. The procedure is painless and causes little swelling   because it involves only blocking nerves instead of burning muscles.
  • 2. Thin needles leave no visible scars.
  • 3. Single session brings an effective result that is semi-permanent.
  • 4. It is a selective procedure that does not
    damage other nerves, blood vessels or muscles.
  • 5. Operation is simple enough for patients to be able to
  • walk immediately afterwards.
  • 6. Chances of recurrence is very low.


Comparison with other procedures
비절개 눈매교정 과 절개 눈매교정의 차이점
VS Calf Botox Calf Reduction Non-incision
Nerve Block


No Scars 0.5cm No Scars
Bruise Very little bruises May occur Very little bruises
Surgical Method Muscle contraction from botox injection High frequency radiation(heating) to break down individual muscles, which is time consuming Simple blocking of major nerves with high frequency radiation
Operative Duration 20 Minutes 1~1.5 Hours 30 Minutes
Anesthetic Method Unnecessary IV sedation IV sedation
Effect · Muscles may redevelop in time.
· Multiple procedures necessary.
· Swellings after surgery
· Small chance of burning
Large proportion of calf
reduced from one session
Recovery Daily activities resumable · Swelling and pain requires 3-4weeks to recover · Daily activities resumable after procedure
· Slight stiffness for 2-3 weeks.

Inner Gastrocnemius

내측 비복근 사진

■ Prominent Inner Gastrocnemius

90% of calf-related dissatisfactions come from unattractive
appearances when wearing high heels or squeezing calf muscles.

Unless there are other issues involved, calves can successfully
be reshaped simply with non-incision nerve block.

Outer Gastrocnemius

내측 비복근 사진

■ Prominent Outer Gastrocnemius

Although outer gastrocnemius muscles are a relatively small,
if overdeveloped, they can make legs appear
to have angular deformity or overly muscular

Non-incision nerve block needs to be performed
on inner and outer gastrocnemius in order to
correct the appearance of angular deformity.


내측 비복근 사진

■ Prominent Soleus

It is the case of outermost area of calf and lower area
of the inner calf being overdeveloped.

Soleus is the muscle which controls the overall function
of calf. Therefore, non-incision nerve block on soleus must be
performed within the safe range
of unaffecting its functionality.

Compound Muscles

내측 비복근 사진

■ Prominent Compound Muscles

Prominent compound muscles refer to overdevelopment of general calf
muscles, resulting in the very muscular appearance of calf.

Correction of such condition requires non-incision nerve block
of the entire group of calf muscles.

Muscles and Fat

내측 비복근 사진

■ Overdeveloped Muscles and Fat

20~30% of large calf cases is related to accumulation
of fat well. Not only do such legs appear large,
but they also look muscular when tiptoeing.

Muscles are first reduced through non-incision nerve block.
After 2 weeks of recovery period, liposuction on
calves may be performed for further effects.




Local anesthesia


Non-incision procedure ; no scars/very little bruises

Recovery Period

Daily activities resumable right after surgery
Overall muscle contraction after a month
Large muscle contraction after 2-3 months

* Recovery period may vary depending on the individual's condition.