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뼈를 깍는 수술은 이제 그만! 자연스럽고 탄력있는 V라인 얼굴로! 실리프팅

  • Thread Lift

Thread Lift

V라인 + 피부탄력 + 주름개선

A procedure using PDO, which safety is guaranteed,
and patients can find their younger & baby face right after.


What is Thread Lift?

We provide Thread Lift surgery using the most safe PDO approved by KFDA. Once thread is inserted, it is absorbed inside of skin and activates the collagen work on the dermis. Along with Lifting effect, this improves skin elasticity and wrinkles, and applicable for all generations.

It is possible through non-surgical way and Run-time is short as well which is recommended to those who is afraid of bone contouring V-Line surgery. The result visibly comes out in short time.


Features of Thread Lift
BK Plastic surgery provides our patients personalized lifting procedure at various angles
  • - One on One personalized procedure considering patient’s condition
  • - With produced Collagen, V-Line and Skin elasticity at the same time
  • - Short Run-time and Quick recovery
  • - ZERO worries for scar and pain


Types of PDO (PDO:Polydioxanone)
Ultra V Lifting
One of well known Thread lifting which increases skin elasticity.
Omega Lifting
It uses much thicker thread with more numbers of barbs compared to Cog Lifting , and brings more effective.
Blue rose Lifting
360 helical barbs are formed as a rose thorn which strongly tightens skin and lasts longer compared to existing thread lifts.

울트라V리프팅, 오메가리프팅, 블루로즈 리프팅


Candidates for Thread Lift
  • - The ones who start to feel elasticity on their faces
  • - The ones whose skin get saggy post facial contouring surgery.
  • - The ones who concerns droopy jaw line and saggy cheek
  • - The ones who desires to have V-Line without bone contouring


Applicable areas for Thread Lift

눈가주름, 팔자루름, 목주름, 이마주름, 볼, 턱선


Procedure Effect
No more lifting without considering patient’s condition!
  • - Immediate wrinkle improvement
  • - Deep Nasolabial wrinkle improvement
  • - Loosen skin becomes more elastic
  • - Improve both wrinkles and skin texture at the same time
  • - V-Line effect
Operation hour



I/V Sedation


Patients can return to daily routine right post operation

* Recovery period may be differ depending on patient’s individual condition.