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Electrodesiccation Temple(Crow’s Feet) Lift

눈가주름 리프팅 전 사진 처진 눈꺼풀과 눈썹, 까마귀발 눈가주름

■ Clinic authorized by American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery

Crow’s feet are wrinkles that commonly appears
in the outer corner of the eyes when smiling or
due to aging process.

When these wrinkles increase, eyelids, eyebrows
and the area above the eyebrows becomes droopy.
In this case, Electrodesiccation Temple(Crow’s Feet) Lift
can lift up the eyebrows and eyelids
as well as decrease the wrinkles.

“Electrodesiccation Temple(Crow’s Feet) Lift”
developed by BK Plastic Surgery Hospital is authorized
by global societies of aesthetic plastic surgery
for it’s long-lasting dramatic effect.

Surgical Method of Temple(Crow’s Feet) Lift

■ point 01

Resect towards the hairline at temples about 5-6cm.

■ point 02

Separate the skin and muscle around eyes
and relocate them using high frequency energy.

■ point 03

Fix the relocated tissues with suture.

Operation Hour

Approximately 1 hour – 1 hour 30 minutes


Local anesthesia with IV Sedation

Stitch Removal

· 10 days after surgery

* 회Recovery period may vary depending on the individual's condition.



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