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  • Eyebrow Lift

Eyebrow Lift

Saggy upper eyelids and eyebrows become saggy
due to gravity. Saggy upper eyelids
may cause skin rash and inflammation around eyes.
Saggy upper may bother eyesight,
and forehead wrinkles may be formed by a habit in raising eyes.

Such condition can be improved by eyebrow lift.

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Cases Requiring Eyebrow Lift

■ point 01

Double eyelid surgery is not recommended due to thick eyelids

■ point 02

Unwilling to have double eyelid surgery
but want to improve sagginess in eyelids

■ point 03

Desire to improve sagginess without
changing the double eyelid shape

■ point 04

Double eyelid crease being hidden
by saggy upper eyelid skins

■ point 05

Having dark eyebrows or having eyebrow tattoos

■ point 06

The distance between eyebrows
and eyelashes being relatively too long

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Surgical Method of Eyebrow Lift

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■ Surgical Method of Eyebrow Lift

1. Draw a fusiform to indicate incision area before surgery.
2. Resect along the borderline between skin and eyebrow.
3. Relocate remaining skin and fix firmly.
4. Suture the incision site carefully.

Effects of Eyebrow Lift

■ point 01

You may check your results right after surgery.

■ point 02

It is a simple procedure with less pain and fast recovery.

■ point 03

Scar is unnoticeable since it is hidden in the eyebrows.

■ point 04

Visual sight is improved with rejuvenating effect.

■ point 05

It leaves natural results without
changing original eye shapes.

Operation Hour

Approximately 1 hour


Local anesthesia with IV Sedation

Stitch Removal

· 4-5 days after surgery

Recovery Period

· Daily activities(facial wash, make-up) after 1 week
· Natural appearance after 1-2 months
· Scar gradually becomes unnoticeable after 3 months

* Recovery period may vary depending on the individual's condition.



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