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  • Neck Lift

Neck Lift

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Neck wrinkles are formed as aging due to
gravity, decrease in elastic fivers and
repeated use of neck muscles.

People who have been on severe diet can also have wrinkles on their
neck due to malnutrition and dehydration.

There are different types and of surgical
procedures to effectively target underlying causes .

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Surgical Method of Neck Lift

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■ When skin has good elasticity but too much fat stored:

Using 1.444nm wavelength of laser that is easily absorbed
into fat and water with a 0.3mm thin cannula, the procedure
removes fat below chin and induces lifting effect.
1. Greater effect on dissolving fat
compared to other procedures
2. Simple procedure with less pain and fast recovery
3. Possible to proceed delicate procedures using a thin cannula
4. Rejuvenating dermis cause increase in
elasticity enhancing anti-aging effect

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■ When there are horizontal or vertical
wrinkles : Incision behind ears

Surgical Method
1. Incision is made along the line behind ear for 2-3cm.
2. Separate the mid section of the neck and remove excess fat.
3. Fix the loosened skin with thread or Endotine.
4. Since it requires incision behind ear, scar is invisible.
5. It makes a defined facial line on chin area.

Operation Hour

Approximately 1 hour


IV sedation or General anesthesia

Stitch Removal

· 7-10 days after surgery

* Recovery period may vary depending on the individual's condition.