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  • Forehead Lift

Forehead Lift

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Wrinkles are one of the most obvious signs
of aging process. Especially, wrinkles on forehead and
eyelids make individuals look much
older than their actual age. Such condition
can be improved by

Endotine lift using endoscopy.

Endoscopic Lift

Endoscopic lift is a surgical using an
endoscope to accurately resect the
muscle which causes wrinkles and firmly
relocate skin and muscle.

■ Point01

Using an endoscope allows minimal incision
for removal of wrinkles.

■ Point02

There is less pain and scar after surgery.

■ Point03

Swelling can be minimized since damage on
lymph or blood vessels are avoided.


■ Endotine

Endotine, approved by FDA in 2003,
is a specialized implant commonly used for
lift procedures worldwide. It is absorbed into skin
within a year yet leaves a very strong effect for
lifting droopy skin for a long time.
Minimum incision allows scar to be
unnoticeable after surgery.

Standard Lift VS Endotine Lift


Standard Lift

Endotine Lift

Surgical Method

Lift surgical site using suture
only or silicone implants to insert
in 3-4 incision area.

Its 5 prongs pull the loosened
tissues and hold up tight resulting in removal
of wrinkles around nasolabial folds.


Suture Kit
or Silicone Implant

There are different types of Endotine used for forehead and cheeks/ nasolabial folds.

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<For cheeks and nasolabial folds>

처진 볼 및 팔자주름용 도구 이미지

<For cheeks and nasolabial folds>

Operation Hour

30-60 mintues(Local anesthesia)

60 minute (IV sedation)


The result does not last for long time.
Implant used for surgery remains in the system semi-permanently.

Relocated tissues become fixed within 1-2 months.
The inserted implants become absorbed into the system within 1 year.

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Surgical Method of Forehead Lift

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■ Incision

Incision is normally made at 3 places behind the hairline and 2 places in side of both ears for 1-2cm length. After incision, an endoscope is inserted to proceed the surgery.

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■ Separation and Fixation

1. Separate tissues from forehead and
underneath temporal fascia of side hairline.
2. Resect the muscle which creates wrinkles between the eyes.
3. Pull up the separated tissues using Endotine and firmly fix on forehead.

Effects of Endotine Forehead Lift

Forehead lift using new material called Endotine
is one of the anti-aging procedures to effective and safely
improve wrinkles on forehead and droopy eyes.

Once Endotine is placed to pull up tissues,
it adheres and dissolves within a year
leaving long lasting results.

Operation Hour

Approximately 1 hour


IV sedation or General anesthesia

Stitch Removal

· 7-10 days after surgery

* Recovery period may vary depending on the individual's condition.