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  • Face Lift

Face Lift

Face list is a surgical procedure
to improve visible signs
in the face and neck. Stand in front of a mirror
and slightly pull your face with hands to the
directions. You can see the difference in the mirror how
your face would be after the procedure.

페이스리프팅 사진

■ Self Diagnosis

Cheeks : Slightly pull up from cheeks to temple
using your fingers. 손으로 밀어 올려봅니다.
Nasolabial fold :Pull up the zygoma line(upper cheek
line) using index and middle finger.

Face Lift and Scar

페이스리프트와 흉터 사진

■ Face Lift and Scar

If scar left after surgery is ob
even with effective lifting results, then we can consider it as an unsuccessful surgery.
Incision is made from the inner side hairline passing
around the earlobe to the area behind the earlobe so that
the scar can be invisible after surgery.
Scar is approximately 1cm long on each area on ear and earlobe.
However, if there is no flaccidity around eyes,
incision on the side hairline is unnecessary;
flaccidity in neck is also related to incision behind earlobe.

Characteristics of Face Lift


Improving Both Dermal Layers and SMAS Layer

The sagging of the SMAS membrane contributes as much to the aging face as does loss of elasticity in the superficial dermal layer. The classic or traditional facelift surgery addresses only the superficial dermal skin unit – and usually results in a “too tight” or pinched look.

절The procedure addresses the problems of the lower two-thirds of the face including removal of sagging skin and excess fat, tightening of neck muscles, jowls and-restoring volume to cheeks that have become hollow and deflated.

피부와 SMAS층을 동시에 개선하는 피부층 사진


The SMAS layer is the most important layer for facelift.

SMAS – or superficial musculo-aponeurotic system
– is composed of multiple fibrous extensions that attach through the
subcutaneous fat to the superficial epidermal-dermal
layer of the skin, and these connections
cause the three layers of the facial skin to “move together” as a unit.
Due to thin layered structure, it is vulnerable to
gravity resulting one of the leading cause for saggy skin


Maximizing Results by Combining with Other Procedures

Dramatic results can be achieved when procedures
such as grafting, eyelid lifts, or
liposuction on chin are combined with facelift.

  • 다른 시술의 병행으로 효과 극대화 성형 전


  • 다른 시술의 병행으로 효과 극대화 성형 후


Surgical Method of Face Lift


Minor Stage of Wrinkles and Sagginess (MACS LIFT)


The term MACS-Lift –or Mininal Access Cranial
Suspension Lift- allows for the correction of
sagging facial features through a short,
minimal incision, elevating them vertically by
suspending them from above.

MACS LIFT is a surgical method that fixes the SMAS
layer with a minimal incision in front of
ear, ties the layer in a round way with use
of threads, and thus improves saggy skin. It is a method of ‘double lifting’ as pulling up both skin
and SMAS layer and minimally invasive with long
lasting effective results.

페이스리프트의 수술방법 사진

■ Surgical Method of MACS LIFT

Resect the skin fold in front of the ear
and follows the hairline under the sideburn. (Red Line)
Lift the skin to gain access to the deep
tissues only in the area marked in blue line. (Blue Line)
Using suture, reposition facial tissues
in a vertical direction. (Black Line)


2-3 hours


General anesthesia

Stitch Removal

· 7-10 days after surgery

* Recovery period may vary depending on the individual's condition.


Intense Stage of Wrinkles and Sagginess(SMASectomy)

■ SMASectomy

SMASectomy is to remove the loosened SMAS tissue
and suture up instead of tightening
or pulling up the SMAS layer. Since there
is no insertion of foreign materials, SMAS tissue is
removed after separation, 확satisfactory result can be achieved.

페이스리프트의 수술방법 사진

■ Surgical Method of SMASectomy

Resect from the hairline under the sideburn
passing in front of the earlobe to behind the ear. (Red Line)
Separate SMAS tissue from the yellow area and
remove the SMAS tissue. Suspend
the remaining tissue firmly with suture.


2-3 hours


General anesthesia

Stitch Removal

· 7-10 days after surgery

* Recovery period may vary depending on the individual's condition.