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  • Upper Eyelid Lift

Upper Eyelid Lift

상안검 성형시 사진

As skin elasticity with age, eyelids
may become droopy

또Droopiness in upper eyelid skin can also decrease the eyesight
and induce Ptosis causing wrinkles on forehead.

To improve such condition,
upper eyelid lift
to measure and remove unnecessary fat
tissue from eyelids should be considered.

Cases Requiring Upper Eyelid Lift

■ point 01

Upper eyelids being too saggy covering double eyelid crease

■ point 02

눈Ptosis causing wrinkles on forehead

■ point 03

Unable t receive double eyelid surgery due to thick skin on upper eyelid

■ point 04

Eyesight is blocked by saggy eyelid

  • 상안검 성형 전


  • 상안검 성형 후


Surgical Method of Upper Eyelid Lift

상안검 성형의 수술방법 사진

■ Surgical Method of Upper Eyelid Lift

1. 1. Resect the skin along double eyelid crease.
2. Remove unnecessary fat and wrinkled skin.
3. Suture along the original eyelid crease.

Effects on Upper Eyelid Lift

■ point 01

Youthful appearance due to removal of droopy skin

■ point 02

Improving skin rash around wrinkles

■ point 03

Increase in eyesight by removing droopy skin

■ point 04

Reduce in wrinkles


1 hour to 1 hour 30 minutes


Local Anesthesia
with IV sedation

Stitch Removal

· 4-6 days after surgery

Recovery Period

1 week(facial wash after stitch removal,
make-up after 2 weeks since stitch removal)
· Natural appearance after 1 month up to 6 months

* Recovery period may vary depending on the individual's condition.