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Inverted Nipples

There are various factors causing nipple retraction,
inverted nipples. Inverted nipples during puberty
may be seen as temporary condition, but usually
condition remains. Also, women with inverted nipples
have difficulties in breast feeding
that correction should be considered.

Cause and Types of Inverted Nipples

Lack of supporting tissue for nipples
or milk duct being too short often causes
inverted nipples.

A Type: Nipple is slightly inverted.

→It can be cured naturally through pregnancy,
child birth and breast feeding. Massage
or use of breast pump can also reverse inverted nipples.

B Type: Nipple is usually inverted but sometimes gets reversed.

C Type: Nipple is severely inverted.

→Correction is mandatory in order to recover
breastfeeding ability and prevent infection.

Surgical Method of Inverted Nipples

Proper surgical method must be
selected based on nipple size,
shape and possibility of breastfeeding.

■ Procedure preserves milk duct for breastfeeding

If patient plans to breastfeed after surgery,
operation is performed preserving milk duct.
However, this method is not suitable for severe condition,
and there is high risk for recurrence after surgery.

■ Procedure does NOT preserve milk duct
(unable to breastfeed after surgery)

This method is for recurrence of inverted nipples
or severe condition that preserving milk duct is impossible.
Harming milk duct in unavoidable that breastfeeding
after surgery may not be possible.


Within 1 hour


Local Anesthesia with IV sedation

Stitch Removal

5-7 days after surgery

Recovery Period

Take antibiotics for 3-5 days,
Daily activities including shower after 5-7 days

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