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Breast Lift

Rapid weight loss, birth, breast feeding,
and aging process cause decrease in volume of breasts.
Flaccid breasts are also caused by nipples pointing
down due to childbirth and breastfeeding.

■ Level of Flaccidity

Level of Flaccidity can be determined by how far
nipples are away from the average line.
Normally, nipples are located 4-5cm above
the crease underneath breasts. Correction
should be considered when nipples are below the crease.

Surgical Method of Breast Lift

Remove excess skin using keyhole
incision and fix mammary glands
to the upper chest wall to elevate nipples
to correct flaccidity with creating voluminous breasts.

1. Breast size can be adjusted as desired.
2. Scar is invisible.
3. It preserves sensory nerves of nipple.

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