Breast Surgery

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Breast Reduction

For big breasts, skin is expanded along with breast tissue
that reduction on both skin and breast tissue must be performed.
Breast tissue is removed inside breast to decrease its volume,
then excess skin is resected to balance with breast tissue.
Surgical methods can be divided into 4 categories upon
amount of breast tissue to be removed and size of surgical scar.

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Keyhole Incision

■ Surgical Method of Keyhole Incision

Like tightening the entrance of a snack after
pulling out the contents inside, this method removes mammary
glands through incision around areola to reduce the volume of breasts.

■ Characteristics of Keyhole Incision

1. Unnoticeable scar since the incision is made on areola,
the colored spot.
2. Fast recovery; surgery is simple and do not cause much bleeding
3. Suitable for young women with elasticity in their skin
4. Suitable for slight reduction and not much developed droopiness

ILeJour Incision

■ Surgical Method of LeJour Incision

Keyhole incision is made first and the 4-5cm length
of incision is continued vertically below as ‘l’ shape.

■ Characteristics of LeJour Incision

1. Integration of Keyhole and Anchor Incision methods to enhance results.
This incision method is supplemented technique of those disadvantages
of existing Keyhole Incision and Anchor Incision. Keyhole Incision
may leave less scar but the surgical amount is limited while Anchor
Incision can expect the larger coverage of surgical amount but could
leave quite visible scar. LeJour Incision is the that combines both
advantages and makes up for the weakness.
2. Suitable for almost all types of breasts
3. Only experienced medical specialists can perform
the procedure due to its complexity.

Anchor Incision

■ Surgical Method of Anchor Incision

Incision is made in ‘ㅗ’ shape along the areola to the
wrinkles under breasts. The mammary gland tissue
and extra skin are removed, and then the saggy
nipple is replaced up warded.
Incision is made in a circular shape around areola,
vertically from areola down to the chest wall,
and horizontally across the fold under the breast.

■ Characteristics of Anchor Incision

1. Suitable for severe saggy breasts or very big sized breasts
2. Surgical scar is unavoidable yet dramatic results can be achieved.


■ Surgical Method of Liposuction

Selectively destroying fat cells
can reduce size of breasts.

■ Characteristics of Liposuction

1. Procedure is relatively simple producing no scar.
2. Suitable for obese patients with more fat
tissue and less mammary glands in breasts.
3. Limited use for certain shape of breasts.