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Implant Placement

Depending on where the implant is inserted,
breast shape after surgery or degree of pain during surgery varies.


Submuscular Breast Implant. Placement

■ Submuscular implants are placed underneath
muscle via transaxillary incision.

This method is more effective for small breasts
with thin skin and less mammary glands /fatty tissues.

■ Advantages

1. The implant after surgery is impalpable.
2. Low risk of capsular contracture
3. Cause no effect on diagnostic screening

■ Disadvantages

1. More painful compared to other procedures
2. Movement of implants can be stiff.


Subglandular Breast implant Placement

■ Subglandular implants are placed between mammary glands and muscle.

This method is suitable for moderate breasts
with thick skin/ fat tissue.

■ Advantages

1. Natural Silhouette
2. Fast recovery
3. Effective for droopy breasts by birth and breast feeding

■ Disadvantages

1. The implants can be palpable if skin is too thin.
2. Risk for capsular contracture
3. Possible interruption during diagnostic screening.


Dual Plane Implant Placement (Partial Submuscular)

■ Upper part of implant is inserted underneath muscle,
and lower part is inserted above muscle to integrate advantages
of submuscular and subglandular placements.

It controls exposure of implants below mammary glands
to create natural appearance for any shape of breasts.