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Types of Breast Implants


Contents of Breast Implants.

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Cohesive Gel

Cohesive Gel, the most popular breast implants
used throughout the world, was approved by the FDA in 2006.
It has been credited for its safety, durability,
postoperative management being superior
over other existing implants.

Features of Cohesive Gel

01. It feels natural.
02. It has less rippling, and the implant
is not palpable once it is inserted.
03. Unlike saline implants, it does not cause leakage even
with damage due to multiple layers surrounding
the implants and holds its original shape.
04. Slight difference in volume cannot be adjusted.
05. Transabdominal incision cannot be used for cohesive gel implants.


Different Types of Implant Surface
Smooth Type

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01. Surface of the implant is soft and smooth.
02. Natural movement with body
03. Smooth to touch after surgery
04. East to set implant’s location
05. If there is a problem after surgery,
it is relatively easy to correct.
06. Massage therapy after surgery is mandatory
due to high risk of capsular contracture.

Textured Type

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01. The surface is textured.
02. It does not require massage therapy since there
is less chance for capsular contracture.
03. There is not much movement of implants.
04. It takes time to soften in palpation.
05. Higher risk of breakage compared to smooth surface.


Size of Implants

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Breast implants have various sizes from small(50-100cc) to large(700-800cc).
The size of implants can be determined by a few factors, such as width
of the chest, height, weight, the current size, and individual preference.
However, 200-300cc implants are chosen among Korean women in general.