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Breast Augmentation Using Fat Grafting

Breast Augmentation via fat grafting creates
a beautiful cleavage and natural movement
of breasts along activities

such as lying down or running compared to breast implants.

■ 1:1 Effects of Fat Grafting

Breast augmentation with fat grafting not only gives natural
enlargement effect of breasts but also gives a great chance to get rid of
unwanted fat at once by harvesting from thighs and tummy.

Surgical Method of Breast Augmentation via Fat Grafting

1. Local anesthesia with IV sedation begins.
2. Harvest fat tissue from thighs, hips and abdomen
with a small cannula for fat grafting.
3. Using centrifugation, purify fat tissue to remove all unnecessary aspects.
4. Purified fat will be injected equally into multiple
layers of tissue with special surgical needles.

■ Advantages

1. Slimming effects since fat to use for augmentation is harvested
from where unwanted fat remains such as abdomen or hips
2. No complication including capsular contracture
that may be induced with breast implants
3. Natural appearance after surgery since no implant is used.

■ Disadvantages

1. Additional procedure is required in case of size reduction due to fat resorption;
fat resorption is common reaction for fat grafting.
2. Attainable breast size is limited to amount of fat that can be injected.

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Within 1 Hour


Local anesthesia with IV sedation

Stitch Removal

5-10 days after fat harvesting

Recovery Period

Swelling is severe after 2-3 days of surgery.
Daily activities(facial wash, make-up) after 1 week
Natural appearance with final result after 2 weeks