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Breast Augmentation via Implants

Surgical methods for breast implant vary upon location of
incision site.

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■ Key Points for Breast Implant

Following factors are considered when selecting location for breast implants.
Where incision line can be invisible
Adequate condition to perform surgery
East to reach for post-operative treatment
Patient’s preference, career, lifestyle, and etc.


Transaxillary Incision

겨드랑이 절개법 사진

Incision of 3-4cm is made under armpit’s wrinkled area.
Since the operation is a bit complex yet leaves relatively a small scar, it
is very popular among women who are sensitive about scar.

■ Advantages

1. Scar is almost invisible, and the natural shape is maintained.
2. Nipple sensory nerves are intact.
3. It does not affect breast feeding.
4. Operation hour is short, and fast recovery after surgery.

■ Disadvantages

1. Arm movement can be limited temporarily after surgery.
2. Must be performed by experienced medical specialist.
3. This method is not suitable for revisionary surgery.


Periareolar Incision

유륜 절개법 사진

Incision along the bottom of areola
Women are now able to wear sleeveless shirts without worrying about
scar after breast surgery by using periareolar incision.

■ Advantages

1. Scar is less visible for patients with darker areola.
2. Effective for droopy and asymmetrical breasts.
3. Arm movement is not limited after surgery.
4. Incision is only made in implant size that
insertion site can be easily located.

■ Disadvantages

1. It is unable to use this method on small areola.
2. There are risks for potential nipple sensory nerves.


Inframammary Incision

가슴 밑 절개법 사진

Incision(3-4cm) is made along where a natural fold is created
between breast and abdomen.

This method allows an optimal view during surgery that procedure is
rather simple with short duration.

■ Advantages

1. Procedure is simple with short duration.
2. It gives surgeon the most precision with breast implant placement.

■ Disadvantages

1. Scar can be visible in supine position.