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The Latest Trend in Breast Surgery

Instead of focusing on breast size, recent procedures focus on
harmonizing with individual’s body shape.

The key is to create voluptuous breast based on
proportions(height, waist and hips) with consideration for
3-dimensional way for breasts.

Teardrop Breast Augmentation

When the existing round implants can create dramatic volumes,
NEW teardrop implants can create more natural breast shapes.

■ Real Teardrop Breast Surgery at BK producing fantastic results!

Teardrop breast surgery using teardrop
implants is now available at BK Plastic Surgery Hospital.
Experience the difference between other breast surgery and
BK’s teardrop breast surgery now!
BK Plastic Surgery Hospital gives you whole different level of satisfaction.
We will always strive to produce the best results for you.

What are Teardrop Implants?

Teardrop Implants are the implants
in teardrop shape which is considered as the most similar shape to the real breasts.
Through the Golden Ratio system, the surgical plans are precisely
determined that satisfactory results can be achieved.

Significance of Teardrop Breast Augmentation

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For physical trait and physique varies with each individuals, the shape
and size are decided after careful consideration of the patient’s original
breasts and their wants..


Use of Teardrop Shaped Implants

BK Plastic Surgery Hospital uses Allergan Inc.’s teardrop breast implants
to provide a natural silhouette and voluminous breasts.


Maintaining Natural Shape in Any Activities

Considering each individual’s anatomical traits, we choose the most
appropriate type and design of implants so that the movement and the
shape of breasts can be natural in all activities.


Low Risk for Side Effects

Since there are not much space left in breast after surgery, the risk for
side effects such as changes in location of the implants, wrinkle
formation, and capsular contracture are low.

Endoscopic Teardrop Breast Augmentation

BK Plastic Surgery Hospital enables the implants to be aesthetically well-
well-located by accurately excoriating with the use of endoscope.
In addition, less tissue damage from elaborate excoriation reduces pain.

■ Point 1. Shape

Since excoriation to secure space for implants is done precisely using
endoscope, the result is aesthetically satisfying.

■ Point 2. Safety

Securing adequate view of blood vessels, nerve system and muscles via
endoscope guarantees safety.

■ Point 3. Result

Bruises and swellings are mild after surgery for the surgery is performed
by a surgeon with vast amount of experience and skills in endoscopic
breast augmentation.

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