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Protruding Mouth

Protruding mouth refers to the case of mouth being protruded compared to the nose tip or chin point.

When mouth is protruded condition, it tends to stay open with wrinkled depressions under chin or deep nasolabial folds. Also when smiling, gums are shown and chin looks relatively small.

Self Diagnosis of Protruding Mouth

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  • 01. Your lips are in the way between the nose tip and the chin point.
  • 02. You are not confident with your look from the sides; your mouth always looks awkward in photograph.
  • 03. Gums are shown when smiling, so you tend to smile with your mouth covered.
  • 04. You consciously try to keep your mouth closed, and wrinkles are made on chin point when you do.
  • 05. Others think you always seem angry.
  • 06. You may think you have receding chin when you look at yourself in the mirror.
  • 07. Your mouth feels dry in the morning when you wake up.
  • 08. Rhinoplasty does not seem to have improved your nose or general appearance of your face.
  • 09. Paranasal augmentation has not improved protruding mouth.
  • 10. You are not satisfied with results of other facial contouring procedures.