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Pre-operative Orthodontic Treatment / Surgery first

While it may be easy to think that Lantern Jaw can be corrected simply by pushing in the lower jaw which is appeared as the main problem, most cases require the upper jaw which seems to be receded compared to the projected lower jaw to be pulled out as well . Therefore, two jaw surgery(involving upper and lower jaw operated simultaneously) is mostly necessary and before or after orthodontic treatments which are considered mandatory when jaws are realigned.

Minimal Pre-operative Orthodontic Treatment

1. Malocclusion requires an orthodontic treatment prior to operation to make a proper teeth alignment condition suited for the surgery.

2. A normal preoperative treatment takes approximately 3 months, but depending on the circumstance, it may take several months before the actual operation can take place. Therefore patients are asked to have time on their sides once decision is made until having actual surgery.

3. Postoperative orthodontic treatment takes place after a complete diagnosis of teeth alignment.

Surgery (surgery first before Orthodontic Treatment)


01. Treatment periods takes shorter without having pre-operative Orthodontic Treatment)
Inclusion of preoperative treatment extends the duration of chin correction to 2 years or longer whereas only 6-7 months are needed without it.

02. There is no need to stress about appearance caused by orthodontic treatments.
Period of preoperative orthodontic treatment can be stressful due to its negative effect on facial appearance. Postoperative orthodontic treatment eliminates this process.

03. Scheduling an operation is convenient.
Without the requirement of preoperative orthodontic treatment, two jaw surgery can be scheduled flexibly as needed.

Postoperative orthodontic treatment takes place after a complete diagnosis of teeth alignment



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