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Cheekbone Plus+

Standardized surgical methods are not suitable for cheekbones that have three dimensional structures with many bone fragments nearby. Therefore, individually customized surgery along with other supportive procedures is recommended.

Liposuction, Fat Graft

In order to maximize the effect of cheekbone reduction, liposuction is sometimes performed to remove overly accumulated fat deposits underneath cheeks. Fat obtained via liposuction then, can be implanted into lips, temples, nasolabial folds and other areas. Additional fat may be collected from abdomen or thigh area if needed.

Paranasal Augmentation

귀족 수술

Deep depression on nasolabial fold may easily be treated with paranasal augmentation during the cheekbone reduction procedure since their surgical sites nearly overlap each other.

Face Lift

페이스 리프트

Elder patients with lots of wrinkles can achieve facelift effect as skin and muscles are pulled through minimal incisions in front of the ears, while cheekbone reduction is being performed.