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3D Cheekbone Reduction

This procedure reduces overall facial size and refines facial contour by adjusting cheekbone in all angles creating volume.

3D회전 광대술

1. Adequate surgical sites are secured through minimum intraoral incision.
2. Anterior cheekbones are grounded to reduce their thickness.
3. Anterior cheekbones are cut and pushed inward.
4. 1cm incisions are made to the sideburn areas.
5. Finally lateral cheekbones are cut and pushed inward.

  • 3D 회전 광대술 수술 전


  • 3D 회전 광대술 수술 후


dvantages of 3D Cheekbone Reduction

3D회전 광대술의 장점

Beautiful Facial Silhouette

Most Koreans (Asians) have flat faces with laterally prominent cheekbones, which usually end up with rectangular shape after typical cheekbone reduction is performed. Therefore, cheekbone reduction is the most effective when anterior, lateral and 45 degree cheekbones are all fully considered.

4 Steps to Prevent Saggy Cheeks

Saggy cheeks are prevented by following the principles such as bone fixation, masticatory muscles-secured bones, and minimum dissection.

Accurate Diagnosis leading to successful results

Cheekbone has a complex 3-dimensional structure with other facial bone fragments around it. BK Plastic Surgery Hospital uses x-ray analysis and computer imaging to maximize the precision of operation.

Minimum Scar

Making incisions inside mouth and sideburn areas minimizes the chance of scar visibility.

Operation Time

Around an hour


General Anesthesia

Incision site

Minimum Intraoral incision

Stitch Removal

Unnecessary since suture is made with dissolvable thread.

Recovery Period

· Apply ice packs for 2-4 days
· Severe swelling 3-4 days after surgery
· Final results can be checked after 4 weeks

* Recovery period varies on individual basis.