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Rotational Bone Cutting Surgery

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Rotational Bone Cutting Surgery is a surgical procedure to shape and resect the overall jawbone, not only to reduce the size of one’s square jaw, but also the chin to achieve well-defined V-line. This is recommended for those with square jaw with long or wide front chin. It is an extended surgery from ‘Long-curve square jaw reduction using a special mirror’, developed by BK Plastic Surgery Hospital to lengthen the resection from the jaw to front chin

Advantages of Rotational Bone Cutting Surgery

V-line with smaller face can be achieved whereas mere Square Jaw Reduction can only define the facial line seen from the sides.

Multiple improvements can be expected – from square jaw, long chin to asymmetric facial line – at once.

Operation Time

1 hour to 1 hour 30 minutes


General Anesthesia

Incision Type

2-3cm intraoral incision

Stitch Removal

Unnecessary since suture is made with dissolvable thread.

Recovery Period

· Daily activities available 14 days after surgery
· Swelling subsides by 70-80% after 3-4 weeks

* Recovery period varies on individual basis.