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Celebrity V-Line

Celebrity V-Line is a corrective surgery on square jaw and front chin simultaneously that brings out more defined V-line by combining square jaw reduction and T-osteotomy on chin.

It is recommended for those with blunt-looking faces with overdeveloped jaws and chins. Celebrity V-line can reshape such figures into smooth and gorgeous V-Line.


Fixation pins are used to hold the chin bone. Although harmless and undetectable, they may be removed after 6 months upon patient’s request.

  • 스타 V-라인 수술 전


  • 스타 V-라인 수술 후


Advantages of Celebrity V-line Surgery

Celebrity V-line is customized to each individual’s facial features as well as his/her preferred looks within the safe range determined by an X-ray examination of nerves.

Celebrity V-line can be operated on all types of jaws (receding chin, protruding chin, asymmetric chin and etc.) to bring out the beautiful V-line.

Operation Time

1 hour 30 minutes to 2 hours


General Anesthesia

Incision site

Intraoral incision

Stitch Removal

Unnecessary since suture is made with dissolvable thread.

Recovery Period

· Compressive bandage worn for 2-3 days
· Daily activities 14 days after surgery
· Swelling subsides by 70-80% after 3-4 weeks

* Recovery period varies on individual basis.