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Square Jaw Reduction

매직 미러 사각턱 축소술 뼈 이미지

Magic Mirror Square Jaw Reduction

It is a surgical procedure to reduce the square jaw, using a special mirror to enable long-curved square jaw reduction. A special set of endoscope and a surgical saw, designed by BK Plastic Surgery Hospital, reduces jaw bone in a long, smooth curve towards anterior chin for the maximum visual effect from all angles.

  • 매직 미러 사각턱 축소술 수술 전


  • 매직 미러 사각턱 축소술 수술 후


About Magic Mirror Square Jaw Reduction

■ Point 01 Harmonious with Anterior Angle

Attractive jaw-line depends on its harmony with anterior angle. Therefore, square jaw reduction needs to be undertaken with a consideration of individual’s chin shape to achieve the most satisfactory result.

■ Point 02 Smooth Curve

Excessive reduction may leave an unnatural straight-lined jaw. Thus, creating smooth concaves from all angles is vital.

Advantages of Magic Mirror Square Jaw Reduction at BK

Outstanding Experience and Skills of Specialists

‘Long-curve square jaw reduction using a special mirror’ is a technique developed and studied, since 1988, by BK Plastic Surgery Hospital. BK Plastic Surgery Hospital has achieved unparalleled skills and experiences.

Delicate and Safe Surgery

Use of an endoscope achieves precision and minimizes bleeding during operation.

Minimum Burden

Swift surgery at BK Plastic Surgery Hospital reduces the burden of anesthesia and prevents complication such as swelling and sagging skin after surgery.

Operation Time

Around an hour


General Anesthesia

Incision site

2-3cm of intraoral incision

Stitch Removal

Unnecessary since suture is made with dissolvable thread.


· Daily activities after 14 days
· Swelling subsides by 70-80% after 3-4 weeks

* Recovery period varies on individual basis.