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Nose Surgery Procedure

In case you are considering to undergo a nose surgery, you might have various questions what surgical procedures are like; incision site, scar amount, or etc.

Nose Surgeries are largely divided into two different types of surgical procedures; Open Rhinoplasty (Open Incision) and Closed Rhinoplasty (Closed Incision).


Open Rhinoplasty (Open Incision)


An incision is made along the both nostrils up to the front of columella (nose column), and the skin is raised to open and expose the cartilage on the nose tip and bone structures.

This method is used to get an open view of the interior nose structures when the framework of the nose needs an adjustment in its height, width or length.

Scars are only visible from a closer view even soon after the surgery, and they disappear to almost non-visible color in 2-3 months.


Closed Rhinoplasty (Closed Incision)


A slight amount of incision made in inner corner of one of the nostrils, and surgery is performed through this view.

This method is used to slightly raise the tip or the bridge.

It has an advantage of invisible surgical scars, but can only be used for relatively simple procedures due to the difficulty of gaining access to the interior view.