Nose Surgery Center

BK Nose Surgery Center

  • Before Nose Surgery

Declare differentiated nose surgery!

Classy and fabulous appearance!
Natural-looking line harmonized with face!


Impeccable operation planning through digital simulation

Through the consultation with specialized staff, it is possible to find out the desired nose image by the latest 2,3D programs

Each individual has a different nose shape that suits him/her the best.


Minimum Swelling

Surgeons at BK Hospital minimize swelling up to 90% so that patients can go back to their daily lives faster,. Also, BK Plastic Surgery Hospital can help patients relieve fear of surgery and pain of anesthetic injection via the latest sleep sedation techniques.

BK Plastic Surgery Hospital’s advanced anesthetic techniques enable pain-free operation


Completion of the Ideal Nose

The most important aspect of nose surgery is to achieve harmonious state with the rest of facial composition. Nose surgery at BK Plastic Surgery Hospital can help you form a nose that best complements your other features.

BK Plastic Surgery Hospital’s Ideal Nose Shape