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Nosewing Reduction

콧볼 축소의 수술 방법

■ The Ideal Shape of Nosewing

The ideal shape of nosewing is 1/5 of facial width of Equilateral triangle shape seen from below, with length of nostril being 2/3 of nose.

Wide nosewings make the nose appear flat, regardless of the height of nose bridge, creating unattractive appearance of overall face.

  • 콧볼 축소 전


  • 콧볼 축소 후


Nosewing Reduction Procedure

콧볼 축소의 수술 방법

■ Alar Base Reduction

Wide nosewing is often a result of excessive skin or subcutaneous tissues. Alar base reduction involves excision of excessive skin on the base of nosewing, which reduces the size of nostrils. Excision scars, formed between the nostrils and cheeks, are nearly invisible after 2~3 months.

콧볼 축소의 수술 방법

■ Nostril Gathering

Nostrils that are wide on the bottom can be tightened with sutures after a thin resection has been made around the alar base. Scars are formed between the bottom of nose and philtrum, making it difficult to notice under the nose shadow.

Operation Time

1 hour


Local Anesthesia with IV sedation

Recovery Period

· Major swelling subsides 5-6 days after surgery
· Natural appearance achieved 2-3 months after surgery

Hospital Visit

plaster and stitches removed 5-7 days after surgery

* Recovery period varies on individual basis.