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Bulbous Nose Reduction

복코 교정의 특징

The ideal nose tip has its width (A) and height (B) similar in length, and forms a 45 degree angle with the columella.

Most people have round-tipped noses due to thick skin and small cartilage of tip. Refining the shape of such nose tip may need one, or a combination of different procedures depending on its shape and condition.

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Bulbous Nose Reduction Procedure

복코 수술 방법

■ In case of Large Nasal Alar Cartilage

The top section of alar cartilage that has been reduced to 5~8mm, is tied with sutures. Autologous cartilage (septal cartilage or ear cartilage) can be used as the supporting structure to further refine the tip shape.

복코 수술 방법

■ In case of Widely Spread Alar Cartilage

Both sides of nasal alar cartilage are trimmed in slimmer shape and tied together to make septal cartilage to be elevated then the nose becomes slimmer.

복코 수술 방법

■ Thick Subcutaneous Fat in the Nose Tip

Removing subcutaneous fat makes contraction of the skin to create a sharper nose tip. Autologous cartilage grafting (septal cartilage or ear cartilage) is recommended if the tip is originally too low or a nasal bridge augmentation is to be performed as well.

Operation Time

1 hour


Local Anesthesia with IV sedation

Recovery Period

· Major swelling subsides 5-6 days after surgery
· Natural appearance achieved 2-3 months after surgery

Hospital Visit

plaster and stitches removed 5-7 days after surgery

* Recovery period varies on individual basis.