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Deviated Nose Correction

Deviated Nose refers to a nose that the bridge is crooked or deviated into one of the sides. A deviated nose is not only unpleasant aesthetically but also is able to cause functional problem such as airway blockage.

C-shaped or S-shaped deviation has the nose tip placed in the center of face, but an oblique shaped nose has its tip turned to a side. Different shapes of deviation require different approaches by skilled and experienced surgeons.

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Deviated Nose Correction Procedure

휜 코 수술 방법

■ Slight Deviation

Silicone implant is well trimmed and inserted onto the nose bridge for a straightening effect. Also, protruding bumps are filed, and depressed spot is filled with implant to make a straight nose.

휜 코 수술 방법

■ Severe Deviation

Correction of severe deviation requires resection of the entire nose bone structure after protruding cartilage and bone sections are removed. Crooked nostrils can also be corrected during the procedure of straightening nose bones.
Because most of these cases are caused by the deviated nasal septum, it is important that the nasal septum is corrected to prevent recurrence of nose deviation.

Operation Time

1-2 hours


Local Anesthesia with IV sedation

Recovery Period

· Swelling and Bruising for 2-3 days after surgery
· Major swelling subsides 10 days after surgery
· Facial wash and Make-up available a day after stitch removal

Hospital Visit

plaster and stitches removed 5-7 days after surgery

* Recovery period varies on individual basis.