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Outer Corner Lift

Mildly droopy eyes give you a good impression; however, in case of severe droopiness, it can result in somewhat depressed, dull and cheerless look. Improving this droopy outer corner slightly lifted than the position of inner corner can result one’s appearance to more lively, and this surgery is called Outer Corner Lift can lift.

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Outer Corner Lift Procedure

하안검 성형의 수술방법

  • 1. Resect the tail of eye, and then separate skin and conjunctiva.
  • 2. Reposition the skin and conjunctiva to its desired place.
  • 3. Suture inside to fix and hide the scar.

Advantages of Outer Corner Lift Surgery

  • - It can make the eyes bigger by opening up the outer corners.
  • - Depressed and dull appearance can be improved by lifting up the outer corners upward.
  • - The distance between canthus and outer corner is precisely measured before the surgery to achieve the best result.
  • - Incision is made on the depressed area on the outer corner; the scar is almost invisible after surgery.
Operation Time

40 minutes


Local Anesthesia with IV sedation

Stitch Removal

7 days after surgery

Recovery Period

· Facial wash available a week after surgery
· Natural look achieved within 1-2 months
· Scars almost invisible after 3-4 months after surgery

* Recovery period varies on individual basis.