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Lower Eyelid Lift (Lower Blepharoplasty)

Normally, aging process on lower eyelids occurs faster than on upper eyelids. Due to fat deposits on lower eyelids, they are easier to become saggy. Fat underneath the eyes, saggy eyelid skin and dark circles may create much older and unpleasant appearance. In such conditions, lower eyelid lift should be considered.

You can benefit from Lower Blepharoplasty at BK when…

  • - You have developed wrinkles under eyes due to aging.
  • - You want to improve droopiness and sagginess of under eyelid skin.
  • - You have bulging or saggy lower eyelids.
  • - You want to improve dark circles.
  • 하안검 성형 전


  • 하안검 성형 후


Lower Blepharoplasty Procedure

■ Bulging Eyelid skin with Droopiness or Wrinkles

하안검 성형의 수술방법

  • 1. Under local anesthesia, make an incision along near the under eyelash line.
  • 2. Remove saggy skin and excessive fat, and relocate it.
  • 3. Pull up the skin and muscle to be fixed.
  • 4. Suture along the lower eye lashes to hide the scar.

■ Bulging Under eyelid due to Fat deposit

하안검 성형의 수술방법

  • 1. Under local anesthesia, resect approximately 5 millimeters inside the eyelid.
  • 2. Remove excessive fat.
  • 3. Relocate remaining fat in a fixed position.

Advantages of Lower Blepharoplasty at BK

  • - There is less possibility of swelling and scars when the incision is made on the inner surface of lower eyelid.
  • - Removal of both excessive fat and saggy skin is available through an incision made along one’s under eyelash line.
  • - Incision made for Lower Blepharoplasty can also reach wrinkle improvement on mid-facial area.
  • - Lower Blepharoplasty can bring out younger and youthful appearance.
Operation Time

30 minutes – 1 hour


Local Anesthesia with IV sedation

Stitch Removal

4-6 days after surgery

Recovery Period

· Facial wash available a day after stitch removal
· Facial make-up available 2 weeks after stitch removal
· Natural look achieved within 1-6 months

* Recovery period varies on individual basis.