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Defolding Double Eyelid Surgery

Defolding Double Eyelid Surgery is a surgical procedure to unfold double eyelid fold made by double eyelid surgery.
This procedure is usually for those with unsatisfactory result after previous double eyelid surgery, and depending on the condition, patient can choose from either defolding double eyelid completely or defolding to make lower and thin double eyelid fold line.


You can benefit from Defolding Double Eyelid Surgery at BK when…
  • - Previous double eyelid surgery turned out to be a failure and you want it undone.
  • - The height of your double eyelid fold is too high (so-called sausage eyelids).
  • - You have asymmetric double eyelid folds on both eyes.
  • - Double eyelid fold is not clear and you have multiple lines.
  • - The scar from previous double eyelid surgery is too visible.


Defolding Double Eyelid Surgery Procedure
  • Make an incision along the incision line from previous surgery to minimize the scar, and reconstruct and restore the current condition.
    It is usually done together with fat grafting procedure to fill up the insufficient tissue and fat, and derma graft might be necessary as well in case of severe condition. Taping treatment is used after the surgery, and often, it is recommended to pull the previous double eyelid fold line by thread to avoid recurrence.


Advantages of Defolding Double Eyelid Surgery at BK
  • 1. The surgery can bring back the condition of your previous eyes before the surgery.
  • 2. It can result in natural looking eyes by minimizing the visible scar.
Operation Time

40 minutes


Local Anesthesia with IV sedation

Stitch Removal

7 days after surgery

Recovery Period

· Facial wash available a week after surgery
· Natural look achieved within 1-2 months
· Scars almost invisible after 3-4 months after surgery

* Recovery period varies on individual basis.